Thursday, February 01, 2018

What's in a trending topic? After the Era That Made It a Verb

For those who follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me acknowledge trending topics, at least on occasion. I find them fascinating, and often the mysterious ones (mysterious at least at first) are the most enlightening in the end. 

February starts with some interesting Trending on Twitter topics - some need an explanation
Today's "After the Era That Made It a Verb" had me at bit puzzled. it became all too obvious with a single click, relating to a quite large industry story I had become aware of yesterday morning. The trending topic matches a New York Times headline, which of course refers to "Xerox" and its being absorbed by its joint venture with Fujifilm. (See "So Long Xerox...")  While the two companies have been aligned for as long as I have seriously following the printing and imaging industry, this is in many ways the end.

The Times piece has a very short but still enlightening quote, which I will share here.
“'Xerox is the poster child for monopoly technology businesses that cannot make the transition to a new generation of technology,'” said David B. Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School." 
-via "After the Era That Made It a Verb, Xerox, in a Sale, is Past Tense", NYTimes Dealbook, by Steve Lohr and Carlos Tejada, January 31, 2018.