Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun with lifelong learning

A new distance learning pursuit for me - Warblers!

Going back a few months, when I decided to give my monthly Observations a rest, I also committed to doing some alternative coverage on this blog. In my mind, this meant shifting from exclusive focus on the printing and imaging industry to something surrounding both my personal and professional interests.

It's been a bit difficult withdrawing from the former focus, as I look back at my irregular posts since last Fall. But today I'm mentioning my latest pursuit - The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's "Get to Know Your Warblers" course, which consists of seven weeks of one-hour classes. The sessions started last week and will continue through mid-May, timed very well for the return of the migratory Parulidae family (the New World Warblers). And so far, so good - I was very impressed with session one and look forward to the remainder.

This is technically not my first class from the CLO. I was a participant, back in the late 1970's(!), of "Seminars in Bird Biology", a now very-old-fashioned-style "correspondence course" where weekly lessons were sent by mail, quizzes were filled out and returned, and a grade was given at the end. I passed!

The "Lab" now has an entire division entitled The Bird Academy devoted to birding education, and I am excited to continue with "Warblers", and then see what else they have to offer. For the past several years, noting the decline in my skills based on too many years of not enough birding, I had been hoping to find a local bird education opportunity specifically focused on identification skills, both visual and aural (songs). So when the Cornell offering came along I jumped on it and I am happy I did - it was sold out at 1,200 students before the first class! Speaks to the interest in birds these days.