Friday, December 22, 2017

Looking ahead to 2018

Three months later, and I am still working away with my Rocketbook Wave, and making new discoveries

Wow - it's hard to believe it's been nearly three months since my last post! That's definitely a record for my now well-over ten-year-old blog, and not a record I am proud of. On the other hand, I guess it shows I had better or at least more diverse things to do, which is true.

I am still set on following up more on my Rocketbook experiences, as promised in my September post (see The Rocketbook Wave Notebook). My discoveries have been mounting, like the smaller version of the notebook (Rocketbook One) which is not microwave-erasable. And that Frixion pen eraser? It's all about friction-generated heat. (Maybe the name Frixion should have given me a clue.)

But the big experiment set to yield results in early 2018 is my seeding the market, so to speak, with gifts of the Rocketbook Wave to four "trusted advisors". They don't know they're getting them yet, so shhh...

And Happy Holidays to all, and see you back here next year!