Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upon further review...HPQ printer results
OK, I am getting ready for some football, thus the homage to instant replay in the headline (though must admit these reviews are NOT my favorite part of the games!).

I reported in my HP "printer metrics" post last Thursday (see "HP Printing Results - Lots of black ink!") that for the reported hardware units/revenues, there was a surprising preponderance of positive results, comparing this year's third quarter to that of 2012.

What I neglected to report, until now, is based on my March post (see"What a difference (or not) seven years makes!") tracking the longer-term history of HP's printing and imaging (formerly IPG) business metrics is that Q3, 2013 represented an unprecedented NINTH consecutive year-to-year quarterly revenue decline. That may sound worse than the actual numbers indicate (peaking at $6.7B and coming down to the current $5.8B), since most of the declines are in the low single-digit-percentage range, but still, an ominous streak...

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