Thursday, August 22, 2013

HP Printing Results - Lots of black ink!

Just a few comments on my normal HP Printer Metrics post...

While HP stock was rocked in today's markets, based on a lowered 2014 outlook, the printing numbers for Q3 FY2013 were somewhat positive. In scanning the publicly disclosed details on the business (commercial printer units and revenues, consumer printer units and revenues, supplies revenues, and overall revenues and profits), the was more "black ink" in terms of year-to-year comparisons than we are accustomed to seeing.

Those first four units/revenues categories? All up, though in the case of commercial hardware, only by the thinnest of margins ($1.399B in revs this year's Q3 versus $1.398B in revs for 2012 Q3). BUT, supplies revenues, roughly 2/3 of the total group's revenues, dropped below $4B for the first time since Q3FY09, and for only the second time since Q3FY06, representing a 4% decline.

So what of the red ink in ink? It weighed heavily on the overall unit, which reported 4% declines in both revenues and profits as compared to Q3FY12.

My Google Drive spreadsheet has been updated. 

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