GreenPrint, Xerox Solid Ink Printers get together

Two companies I've blogged about this year have come together in a partnership that apparently is designed to help Xerox owners print less! Buyers of Xerox's Phaser 8560 and 8860 printer/all-in-one solid ink jet color products will be entitled to a free download of the popular GreenPrint software, which actually makes perfect sense combined with the strong Xerox (NYSE XRX) "Green" message.

It's been quite a year for Portland-based start-up GreenPrint (see "Making it to the Top of the PR Mountain"), and Xerox has been getting a lot of "ink" as well (see "Note to Xerox: You got HP's attention".)


franz said…
I like that news. The two great companies are combining to print less. And there will be a free download of the popular Green Print software. That's once in a lifetime. Thanks for the information...

New Phaser 8560 Solid Ink technology from Xerox. Better Prints, lower printing costs & less Ink Cartridge Waste.
Anonymous said…
Going green just means one of many things, Green. but then again green is in its own category... Green in the paper industry means using differnet paper. Recycled paper. Soy based ink. And soo many different aspects to it that just help the environment in every possible way..
Using a 'green' alternative in the industry helps us surpass a crucial time that we are already going through with all these forest fires and pollution that the world is full of!
Xerox 8560 ink said…
Green doesnt begin to explain the actions of Xerox this year. the Phaser printers print on both sides. the longer lasting wax stick ink prevents the need for cartridges, they have an energy saver feature, and my favorite of all, The cool new paper they are coming out with that is self-erasing. I know at the beginning of 2010 there will be strict regulations forcing people to go green, but i dont see anyone going as far as Fuji-Xerox