Monday, November 12, 2007

Most interesting 20 printers of the year

Noted printer reviewer M. David Stone has authored a most interesting slide show that can be found at the eWeek web site entitled "The 20 Most Interesting Printers of 2007 (So Far)". He highlights products from HP (NYSE HPQ) (eight models total, including five based on traditional inkjet technology, two on laser, and then the new Edgeline inkjet), Canon (four total mentions), Lexmark NYSE LXK) and Xerox (NYSE XRX) (two models each), and filling in with Dell, Epson, Eastman Kodak Company, and Memjet (all one model each). The latter one, Silverbrook Research's Memjet, is the exception in the group of 20, in that it represents a technology as opposed to a currently shipping product, but certainly has stimulated enough discussion in the business to deserve a place on the list.

This excellent recap has been out there for a few weeks but I'd missed it, until led into the site's printer area by the provocative headline, "Health Workers Addicted to Black and White", which covers the same Lexmark research I covered last week.

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