Monday, May 07, 2007

PC Mag covers Nanotech Ink Jets

In an article teased on the cover of its May 22, 2007 edition, PC Magazine reports on the Silverbrook and Memjet story at a fair level of detail, including some good illustrations and the comparison to HP's (NYSE HPQ) Edgeline products. M. David Stone's piece also discusses potential partners, speculating that HP, Lexmark (NYSE LXK), Canon and Epson are not out of the running but that other partners are likely to come from a list of less traditional names.

Stone also offers some interesting rule-of-thumb metrics that stress the kinds of orders-of-magnitude comparisons that have the industry buzzing. For example, the HP Edgeline page-wide-technology product shipping this year has an if-sold retail price of over $23K, compared to the similarly-spec'd Memjet prototype projected to be available commercially in 2008 for $200 to $300. And the 2-second print time for Memjet's dedicated photo printer? "The fastest personal dedicated photo printer I've ever tested takes about 25 times as long", states Stone.

And speaking of Stone's tests, stay tuned. The May 22nd PC Mag also contains his piece on the latest and greatest 2007 printers, which I'm digesting and will report on tomorrow.

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