Tuesday, June 12, 2007

HP's Edgeline hitting the streets

Last Friday, on June 8th, Fisher's Office Systems of Boise ID hosted its long-anticipated demonstration of HP's (NYSE HPQ) new Edgeline-technology-based color MFP products, the CM8050/CM8060. Fisher's is the exclusive Edgeline outlet for the state of Idaho and one of a quite small number of resellers in the Americas that are included in HP Edgeline's closed distribution scheme.

The partnership between HP and Fisher's seemed to be producing significant interest, as two separate visits by this reporter noted a steady stream of interested small and medium (SMB) and even large company representatives turning out for the demo.

After a frantic first quarter of printer and technology-related announcements, the chatter has cooled off significantly, as the various players, big and small, go about their business getting product to market. One international business source, The Economist.com, has a piece this week with an update on this blog's recent favorite subjects Zink and Silverbrook Memjet, as well of course HP Edgeline.

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