Monday, November 11, 2013

Printing and Imaging Social Media Stars - HP's turn in the spotlight

Three months ago, I posted about social media in our industry, promising to at least irregularly promote "best practices" (at least as I observe) them. I am offering a second entry in my nominations for "Social Media Stars" in printing and imaging with this installment.

In August, I highlighted Memjet and their efforts, especially on Twitter and Facebook, and today, I will offer similar kudos for HP, starting with their good old-fashioned blogging at 367 Addison Avenue. (That's the address of the original Bill-and-Dave garage in Palo Alto, CA, for those of you who didn't get the connection.)

This is a relatively new blog, consolidating the efforts of many others which have preceded it, including a printing-focused blog hosted by my fellow HP alum (and then LaserJet marketing vice president) Vince Ferraro - and where I was known to pop up occaisonally as a guest contributor. I found one post, still archived by HP, from 2007, where I provided an update from the Lyra Symposium occurring in January of that year (and continuing its annual run through 2012). The exact date of that post happened to be Febuary 2nd - hmmm. Groundhog Day!

Fast forwarding to November 2013 and the 367 Addison Avenue, their posts include a current one on Mobile Printing solutions (always one of my interests), and the most recent one, from last Friday, focused on this week's upcoming influencer event, Behind the Scenes at HP Print Tech Day, taking place at the company's Boise site. (And in the interest of full disclosure, as a participant in the event, I was interviewed for inclusion in the post.)

Here's a cut-and-paste from the above post, with links to some of HP's other social media outposts. And stay tuned for more about #HPPrintDay right here, as well!

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