Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HP Printer Metrics - latest quarterly view

HP pleased its shareholders and the markets generally last Thursday, with a jump in share price based on improved results and outlook. The increase in price, to nearly $25 at the close, was both a 52-week high as well as the biggest single day's gain since 2001, as reported by Marketwatch in "HP Rally - Turnaround or Sugar High?" by Ben Pimentel, recalling a notable day in HP history.
The last time H-P’s stock rose by that much was on Nov. 6, 2001 after the family of co-founder Bill Hewlett, led by then director Walter Hewlett, came out against a proposed merger with Compaq Computer. H-P, then led by Carly Fiorina, acquired Compaq the following year.
But what about printers?

Remember last time ("What a difference - or not - seven years makes") and I went behind the numbers for further perspective? One of my findings involved the "sine wave" of printing revenues and their year-to-year compares, finding only four alternative (plus/minus) stages since 2006. With the small, but still in-the-red -1% quarterly revenue growth (decline), that's eight quarters in a row of negative compares, but eyeballing the curve, anyway, predicts a Q3 breakthrough to the black. We'll see!

And here's our updated spreadsheet with the data.

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