Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - and my personal "new tech" update

OK, just a quick year-end Happy New Year greeting to end 2012 and look ahead to 2013. But as the year ends, I wanted to set the record straight on some of my own personal technology portfolio decisions of late.

It took awhile but I am now in the iPhone 5 tent  (and yes those new earbuds are cool!)
In September, I blogged about my hesitation to move up to the iPhone 5, all based around its new connector and the feeling I would be fighting with my own household's "installed base" of old-school Apple connectors (see "For Want of a Nail..."). Well, I caved, and am now a proud iPhone 5 owner/user. (The owner part came a month earlier than the user part, btw!) Will now be juggling THREE connectors for the foreseeable future, including old and new Apples and of course, microUSB for Kindles, Nexus, and even a cool extended battery/case accessory I've been using for the iPhone.
After wavering, I figured out I really like Windows 7!
Around Thanksgiving, with less fanfare, I purchased, then returned a Windows 8 PC I had planned to use to upgrade the failed home office PC which had served us well for years. Actually, "returned" is not quite right - I kept the new hardware, as the reseller (Office Depot) couldn't swap it out with a new Windows 7 machine,  and instead I paid for their assistance in "downgrading" the HP desktop to Windows 7. (As a Microsoft Developer program subscriber, I have licenses for clean (i.e. now OEM crapware) Win 7 versions, and the downgrade - which I was advised is beyond the skills of simple advanced users - includes the advantage, and was priced the same as Depot's "de-crapwaring" service for new machines.)

And spurning Windows 8 after my experience with its difficult interface (or at least learning curve) and certain inconvenient incompatibilities, I've also just ordered a new Windows 7 machine (oddly still available from OEMs) for the office.
The Little Printer is cute and I want one, but still need some time
I also blogged recently about cancelling an order for another new gadget (see "Berg Ships Little Printer...") and have not regretted that. "Gadget fatigue" is real, at least for me lately, and while I suggested I might re-order this fascinating hard-copy product in early 2013, I will need to catch my breath from the routines with the new iPhone 5 and the Windows 7/8 back-and-forth first.

And with that, Happy 2013 to all of you!

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