Friday, September 14, 2012

My iPhone 5 upgrade - "for the want of a nail..."

I found myself awake at 2 AM mountain daylight time this morning, Friday September 14, 2012, and though not totally by design, I was compelled to try to get my planned Apple iPhone 5 upgrade going online. It was one hour after the midnight PDT commencement of pre-ordering for the phone (which was announced on Wednesday), so I was not by any means among the first to be attempting this, getting going a bit after 2. And I found big trouble, even in just loading both the AT&T and Apple e-commerce sites. As the time ticked away, I also found numerous tweets and blogs indicating the pre-order allocation of product was already gone. (see “Apple’s iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out”.)

But during the couple of hours or so of attempting to order, interlaced with keeping up on others’ experiences with the situation via Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media, got me reconsidering my decision. The Lightning connector that is included in the new iPhone got me thinking. I am from an extended family of many iPhone and iPad users, so whether at home, in a car, or visiting, it's almost always easy to find a good-old 30-pin power adapter. And so far, I would be alone in making the switch to the new and no doubt more efficient and smaller Lightning plug. And it’s not a pure Apple environment as we are also managing Kindles and Androids in the extended family mix as well, so adding in one more “standard” connector just seems like a complication I want to really consider if I am ready to do. (And given that the waiting time now for an iPhone5 has been pushed at least two additional weeks, I can use that “thinking time” wisely.)

I couldn't help but think it was interesting that a friend and I were just reminiscing about the old HPIB connector that came on all HP instruments and computers along with their peripherals back in the 1980s, and how that standardization was an advantage, while it lasted, when something was better enough to disrupt things and force the change. It really is classic “innovator’s dilemma” stuff.

So for now, I'll be happy (as I have been with my iPhone 4) for at least a few more weeks, and continue to consider my next move. And there's also hope for an adapter, but as of this morning, there was some confusion over whether or not Apple will include a free Lightning-to-30 pin adapter or not (see “iPhone 5orders shipping with free Lightning to 30-pin adapter [Updated: Maybe not]”, and after all, adapters are adapters – remembering back to the hassles with the original iPhone and its nonstandard headset.

It all reminds one of the old saw about losing the war the lack of a nail. Or at least it does. now, in my sleep-deprived state!


Unknown said...

Good stuff, Jimmy. I hope you keep posting on this over the next few months. I'm looking at skipping iPhone4 in upgrading my ancient iPhone3 to iPhone5. (If you wait long enough, you can really save some cash...) Anyway, when I make that long-awaited upgrade, I may want to change my plan to include this new-fangled technology the kids are using. I think it's called "texting." Maybe it'll help me communicate with my kids...

Jim Lyons said...

Steve - Appreciate the feedback. And yes, that "texting" thing is worth a try!

Jim Lyons said...

And some tech background on Apple's change to the new connector -

Wade Dorrell said...

Regarding the cable I think it'd be interesting to know why Apple didn't go with a smaller reversible connector in 2003. All the properties of the new cable wouldve been as desirable then, and It doesnt look like anything more than reversible USB with the fatter pins required for fast charging.

I don't recall if the first PC-compatible iPods required Firewire orr not but that probably has something to do with it.