Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zink Zero Boundaries Design Contest -- Finalists announced, vote on People's Choice

As covered here in May (see "Zink's Design Contest"), Zink is sponsoring a contest intended to let would-be printer designers "re-imagine printing and its role in the digital world". The 40 finalists spanning two categories have just been announced, and can be reviewed at the ZINK ZeroBoundaries Finalists web page.

In a conversation with Zink earlier today, just as they were preparing to release the information on the finalists, executives urged me to share the word with my readers about a new award that's been added, that involves you! With 40 finalists split among the two categories, a third prize has been added. From the release:

NEW! Now it is your turn to become a judge. ZINK Imaging has opened up judging to the public with a Peoples’ Choice Award. Voting is open now through July 13 at

While the "peoples' choice" angle fits right in with popular culture's penchant these days for audience participation, there's also a related tie-in to crowdsourcing. John Winsor's recent BusinessWeek viewpoint, "Crowdsourcing: What It Means for Innovation", comes to mind as a source for a little more background on recent trends like outsourcing in fields such as industrial design.


Jim Lyons said...

Happy to see VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi picking up on the crowdsourcing angle as well.

Jim Lyons said...

Added press release link in first paragraph, 6/25