Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zink's Design Contest -- Challenge to Re-imagine Printing

ZINK Imaging is taking entries for their first annual Zero Boundaries™ design competition, challenging contestants to "re-imagine printing and its role in the digital world", using ZINK technology.

I've followed ZINK since their launch at DEMO 2007 more than two years ago (see "Zinking in from Demo"), and their "zero ink"-based products have been gaining attention since, including most recently the Dell Wasabi printer (see "Dell's (NASDAQ DELL) Wasabi printer reviewed -- WSJ video"). And while the products have been greeted with reviewer praise and commercial success, none so far really has expanded the horizons of printing in the manner this contest is attempting to spark. The contest has two design solution options, along these lines:
The Zero Boundaries™ competition invites designers to explore the concept and opportunities of a "ZINK-enabled" world through a single design challenge that can be addressed by entrants in two ways - either with a design solution for a specific target market and with specific print output size(s) (Option 1) OR with a design solution that addresses broader opportunities uniquely fulfilled by the ZINK Technology (Option 2)

Stated more succintly, contest descriptions refer to Option 1 as "Printing to die for" and Option 2 as "In a Perfect ZINK World".

Cash prizes of $25,000+(updated from $15,000 as of 5/15) are at stake, with entries closing June 8th and winners announced on June 29th. Contest information is available at the Zero Boundaries™ web site.

Stay tuned in late June for info on the winners and other finalists!

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Jim Lyons said...

Zink has informed me, as of 5/15, that the contest's cash prizes have been bumped to a total now over $25,000.