Friday, May 01, 2009

Dell's (NASDAQ DELL) Wasabi printer reviewed by WSJ video

Reporter Stacey Delo of the likes the Dell Wasabi printer, featuring Zink technology, in a recently released video review. The premise of the "Worth It?" video is that the device will lead to more sharing of the reviewers photos by adding printing capability. Delo found the Wasabi easy to use, and rates the 2x3 inch photos "pretty good" and was even "shocked at how well they came out", though finding the prints a bit dark. She also mentions Polaroid's Pogo. Conclusion: it's worth it!

BTW this "worth it" rating referenced the "special price" of $99, offered since the Wasabi became available in February (see "Dell (NASDAQ DELL) Wasabi PZ310, Zink-based printer, now available") but a quick check of the Dell direct marketing site this afternoon (5/1) shows a "special-special" price of $79!

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