Monday, December 22, 2008

PoGo printer now $75, Polaroid bankrupt (again)

The Zink-based PoGo printer from Polaroid, covered here multiple times and most recently just two-and-a-half weeks ago (see "Zink Milestones"), has been identified in The Chicago Tribune's "Eric 2.0" blog as one of 2008's "Great gadget gifts for less than $100". The two Erics (Benderoff and Gwinn) point out a Best Buy price of $79 in their December 17th piece. This morning, five days later, Best Buy's showing an "add to cart" price of $74.99. (Thanks

In related news, Polaroid has declared bankruptcy, again, less than eight years after entering Chapter 11 in 2001. The Cnet blog Underexposed by Stephen Shankland, carries an interesting summary in "Fraud case leads Polaroid to bankruptcy protection". The company's woes relate back to their primary investor, Petters Group Worldwide, and their troubles of earlier this year, when Tom Petters, and others, were charged in a ponzi scheme.

'Tis the season, for great deals and holiday shopping. Unfortunately, this year, that also means stories of bankruptcies and ponzi schemes are becoming all too familiar.

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