Thursday, December 04, 2008

ZINK Milestones

In addition to SharedBook and their latest announced covered here recently (see "SharedBook announces LucasBooks personalized edition"), another company from Demo I've followed here on a semi-regular basis is ZINK. They're the "Zero Ink" printer company that hit the market in early 2007 at Demo (see "Zinking In From Demo 2007") and then announced their initial partner plan at CES a year later (see "Zink Partnerships Make Really Big News").

The partner plan yielded an initial product, mid-this year, with the Polaroid PoGo. (See "Summer Fun with the Polaroid PoGo Printer.") This and last month, the milestones have continued. In November, the ZINK and partner company Tomy announced the "TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 Digital Camera with Built-in ZINK Printer" with availability (in Japan only) beginning November 28th. And in early December, ZINK announces another milestone, "the sale of over 50 million sheets of ZINK Paper™ in less than six months" produced at their North Carolina media plant (see "Zink makes investment in manufacturing plant".)

In addition to trumpeting these accomplishments, it's worth observing that the PoGo is currently priced at $99.95 at, which is a reduction from the original $150 price, and has recorded 16 user comments netting a mean star rating 3.5, which of course could be higher. With that noted, the company is proceeding along their ambitious path of bringing printing to places it hasn't been before, and the printer industry needs more innovators like ZINK!

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