Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SharedBook announces LucasBooks personalized edition

It's a long-time followed beat that I've been somewhat lax in covering recently, but a favorite company from the Demo Conference series, SharedBook, had an announcement yesterday that caught my attention, partnering with Random House and LucasBooks to offer the launch of the personalized edition of Star Wars: Millennium Falcon by bestselling author James Luceno.

The significance of the news was underscored by SharedBook CEO Caroline Vanderlip in an email:

What is particularly exciting for us is that it is the first front list title to be given the personalization options by SharedBook.

In addition to offering customers a unique product, the combination of custom book publishing with a brand like Star Wars is a great PR move, at least by my admittedly crude-but-effective metric, the Google News Search index. A search on Google News late today, the day after the announcement, for "SharedBook LucasBooks", yields an impressive 101 hits.

Here's an example: "Get a Personalized Star Wars Novel".

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