Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Twittering

I received a gratifying response from many readers on my February 27th post, "Do we need printer industry tweets?", and have become a follower of the many Twitterers suggested to me, as well as many I have found otherwise.

I also got my chance to micro-blog at the Demo 2009 conference earlier this week. And I believe I've determined a priority/hierarchy for my social networking activities. So at the risk of exposing myself as a naif (but hey I already have done that!) here goes: 1) Jim Lyons Observations (what you're reading now) is my printer-industry notebook of events and musings, including my monthly columns for The Hard Copy Observer, (column of the same JLO name), with little or no personal info beyond the printer industry; 2) Twitter (jflyons) is my related micro-blogging site, with the same domain interests as JLO, mostly nerdy printer stuff with minimal personal; 3) LinkedIn (Jim Lyons) is my business-contact site, which I keep active and enjoy the benefits of an expanding network of colleagues from my job-, industry-, and education-related communities; and 4) Facebook is just for fun, strictly personal, and not linked directly to the previous three. As I've determined I'm not interested in this social networking activity overlapping with the others, I have disconnected my Twitter feed from my Facebook page, and anticipate having a never-very-large group of Facebook Friends.

Does this make sense, anyone?

And also in the spirit of being a true naif, I am taking the crude-but-effective step of cutting and pasting my Demo2009 Tweets here, as they make a nice compliment to my actual (macro?) blog posts from the conference, as well as my column coming up in the March Observer which will be published here too.

Kudos too, D-God friend Coveroo. + my iPhone work!
6:21 PM Mar 3rd from web
Catching up on Demo Gods after leaving a bit early for Wed am appts. Pleased, two for two on my (limited) predictions, Avaak and Ontier.
6:08 PM Mar 3rd from web
@Rafe Sorry to hear, you've had it coming and going. Great job during Demo loved, really enjoyed your tweets.
6:04 PM Mar 3rd from web in reply to Rafe
Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki, best startup book ever per Joel Bomgar of Demo CEO panel. Sync up company and product name too.
12:07 PM Mar 3rd from web
Great quote by Eileen Gittins CEO of Blurb -- scarcity drives good decisions.
11:58 AM Mar 3rd from web
Is it ironic that Blurb, bookmaking service (physical books), has never spent a dime on print advertising? Great comments on focus.
11:43 AM Mar 3rd from web
Blurb bookmaking is addictive and viral -- emotionally powerful. "Make your customers cry...for good reasons". Make customers evangelists.
11:42 AM Mar 3rd from web
Symantec's MyGuru Demo impresses in its market/customer orientation -- helping both PC user (of a certain competence range), and the helper!
10:52 AM Mar 3rd from web
A printer in a Demo2009 booth! See my post,
9:34 PM Mar 2nd from web
Qualcomm's mirasol MEMS display technology -- low power, excellent viewing in a range of lighting environments for phones and other? Ebooks?
5:26 PM Mar 2nd from web
Investors (at least Eric Tilenius) likes companies that think in terms of their customers, not their products-q relative to client-side apps
4:19 PM Mar 2nd from web
Mixbook mentioned as a company succeeding, growing out of Angel stage. Required switching away from Facebook-based photobooks to other.
4:00 PM Mar 2nd from web
VC Panel at Demo -- Wow. Numbers of deals as bleak as any other market number.
3:54 PM Mar 2nd from web
Bingo -- I could almost call that Coveroo device a printer! (And "laser" and "dpi" were mentioned on stage; we're getting there.)
3:11 PM Mar 2nd from web
@Demo09 Thanks for the tip on the Wifi.
12:42 PM Mar 2nd from web in reply to Demo09
Good summary on the pay-to-play status of Demo and its fit w economy.
9:02 AM Mar 2nd from web
Demo2009 report, first night reception -- numbers may be low but spirits are high!
8:24 PM Mar 1st from web


Greg Walters said...


I't get the Tweet thingie just yet -

But I a willing to learn.

Jim Lyons said...

Thanks Greg -- that means I'm about one week ahead of you!

Jim Lyons said...

Just realized the Twitter gadget I recently installed (visible below the blogroll on the right-hand side of the blog page) has my most recent tweets, which is great, but still glad I cut-and-pasted my Demo 2009 tweets in this post, for ease of locating later. (The gadget includes only my recent posts.)