Friday, February 27, 2009

Do we need printer industry tweets?

Rarely in my observation has a crescendo of buzz peaked (?) around anything quite like the way it has recently around the social networking phenomenon Twitter. Just in the last 24 hours, we've had NBC Anchorman Brian Williams commenting on it with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, rumors about a possible acquisition of Twitter by Google (NASDAQ GOOG), and buzz and then some scandal about members of Congress twittering during President Obama's semi-State of the Union address earlier in the week.

The tech industry is being covered by a bevy of Twitterers (or Tweeters?), including a "Top Ten" as offered by TechRepublic's blogger-in-chief (and Editor in Chief) Jason Hiner at Tech Sanity Check. (See "Techies: The top 10 people you should follow on Twitter".) I've been "following" a number of the Top 10 for a bit now, along with a few other favorites, and their prodigious output of tweets amazes me. I'm inclined to believe there will be continued value in this multitude of short bursts of informational tidbits, and I've learned to not refer to the Twitter phenomenon by the "F word". (Social media's version of the "F word" btw is a three-letter word, ending with a "d".)

But does the printer industry need active Twitterers*? Just as we've welcomed a number of bloggers to our industry over the last year, let us know on the Twittering. I'm off to Demo2009 early next week, and will be ramping up my tweets as a test!

* I'm assuming I'm not missing some existing ones -- let me know otherwise!


Samuel Driessen said...

Hi Jim! Yes we need printer industry tweets. I work for a printing company. And that company uses Twitter: I haven't seen other printing companies doing the same yet. If you do, let us all know.

Jim Lyons said...

Thanks Samuel -- I am now following Oce on Twitter! Stay tuned for more printing tweets! I'd be happy if you'd follow me too.

Anonymous said...

More printing tweets:

And probably many more.
Regards, Hans (JLO)

Jim Lyons said...

Thanks Hans!

I will begin following these... clearly it's time for me to catch up with a rising tide!

Marty said...

Hi Jim,

Good post. You should put your Twitter info up on your profile page.


D Gail said...

Twitter name - would like to follow you...


Jim Lyons said...

Lee Gallagher said...

Just a few others to mention.

transpromo blogger (of

and of course

Thanks Lee!

Jim Lyons said...

Thank you Lee Gallagher -- I am following these tweeters as of now. And to all my readers, I will be revising my blogroll to include printer industry Twitter voices in the next couple of days, after I get back from Demo2009.

Jim Lyons