Wednesday, February 04, 2009

HP (NYSE HPQ) spam -- Macintosh Quarterly Newsletter

That subject line, specifically the use of the "s" word, is done with a little fun in mind, but fact is I haven't used a Mac in at least 10 years (though I have no fundamental reason not to) and am still getting this email from HP! Having been part of the HP LaserJet for the Mac effort in the early 1990's, I have fondness for the products from both companies (HP and Apple), so please keep these coming, HP (I'm opting in)!

On the not-exactly-Macintosh front, there WAS something relevant in this issue, titled "Find Out What HP Introduced for You at Macworld". This one I knew about, and have covered here, but it added some detail nonetheless, i.e. the "Just Launched: HP iPrint Photo" article, excerpted here:

The Mac community was abuzz late last month when HP introduced the first free photo printing application of its kind (1) for iPhone and iPod touch customers - HP iPrint Photo. Available at no charge from Apple’s App Store, HP iPrint Photo provides users the freedom and flexibility to wirelessly print the numerous photos that have been captured and stored on iPhone or iPod touch devices.

HP iPrint Photo allows for quick and easy wireless printing of 4 x 6-inch photos from an iPhone or iPod touch to most HP inkjet printers connected to a local Wi-Fi network. (2) The application is compatible with Apple’s Bonjour technology and features the innovative Multi-Touch interface for the easiest and fastest wireless iPhone or iPod touch print experience. (3)

“HP has a long history of supporting Mac users with our printing solutions,” said Darrell Walker, who worked on developing HP iPrint Photo. “One of our goals is to help make printing relevant to mobile users, and we’re delighted with our customers’ response to HP iPrint Photo.”

The response to the application has been amazing – to date, HP iPrint Photo was one of the top five “Photography” downloads and has received highly positive customer feedback on the Apple App Store and in Mac enthusiast forums with 1,602 reviews posted on the Apple iPhone App Store via an iPhone, and 211 reviews posted on the Apple App Store on iTunes.

During the show, attendees were able to download and experience HP iPrint Photo for the first time through the HP iPrint Gallery, an interactive photo installation located within the HP booth. Additionally, HP’s Rick Spillers demonstrated HP iPrint Photo to 25 worldwide media, who also found the application to be “really interesting” and “very cool.”

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