Friday, January 09, 2009

CES Update

After nearly a full day at CES, various printer efforts caught my attention.

ZINK, after announcing a partnership with Lite-On to work on printing photo frames, and continuing their Polaroid agreement with an official announcement of a second product, a digital camera with built-in printer. Also, today the printer announcement at least some in the industry were waiting for was came today (Friday), with the Dell (NASDAQ DELL) Wasabi photo printer, originally reported by Engadget in September. See "Dell (finally) confirms its portable Wasabi Zink printer".

HP (NYSE HPQ) is showing their iPhone photo printing app at both their booth and in a special "phone booth" exhibit in the Central Hall foyer. After having bad luck getting my iPhone to print after downloading it before Christmas (see "iPhone Printing Boom!"), this time I had good luck and a pleasurable experience printing to an HP WiFi-enable inkjet all-in-one.

Samsung devoted a small corner of their massive booth to a few laser printers and MFPs, featuring a "run-off" between one of their laser machines and a disguised "famous maker" inkjet. In addition to a speed test, they also had an toner/ink permanence test with a continual water drip on comparable print samples. Canon and HP had their printer line-ups on display, though these were overshadowed by more typical "consumer electronics" offerings, befitting the Consumer Electronics Show.

Friday at 5pm Google News index, searching on "CES Printer", btw, is at "about 555"...

More to see, more to report, stay tuned...

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