Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The economy and Managed Print Services

As the not-so-recently-appointed editor of the Printer Industry News blog (see "Printer industry blogging activities expanding"), I'm excited to point readers of Jim Lyons Observations to a timely new weigh-in opportunity we've launched. Industry members (OEMs, resellers, IT Managers, end-users, and others) are invited to take a short survey on how the future of MPS might or might not be affected by the current economic maelstrom the world is currently experiencing. (The closed-ended portion of the survey is intended for MPS implementers, but the final free-form question is open to members from all of the groups mentioned in the previous sentence.)

Start by reading the post ("Economy's Impact on Managed Print Services -- We ask you!") and then link to our five-question survey. We'd appreciate your inputs!

And thanks to fellow blogger Greg Walters at "The Death of the Copier" for posting a link to the survey, too. And from the "Great Minds..." department, Greg's also hosting a LinkedIn discussion on the same topic.


Greg_Walters said...

I threw it up on LinkedIn...and figured I could drive some interest and traffic to yours, through mine...


Anonymous said...

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