Monday, September 29, 2008

Printer industry blogging activities expanding

To the faithful readers of Jim Lyons Observations, you heard it here first!

I am honored to have been recently asked to add to my role as publisher of this blog, "". Beginning immediately I will be adding to my responsiblities in the world of blogging, by taking on the role of Editor over at "Printer Industry News". "PIN" has been around and on my JLO blogroll for the last couple years, and is associated with The Photizo Group and "Managed Print Services".

The new responsibilty comes as part of my ongoing work with Photizo and the recent formalization of my role as Senior Consultant with the company. As editor of "PIN", I will be a contributor and coordinator of blog content, most of which will center around Printing in the Enterprise and the explosive growth of Managed Print Services. Photizo is at the center of this market category, as providers of the MPS Advisory Service and producers of the first annual MPS Conference, set for April 2009.

My work with Photizo promises to be both rewarding and challenging, but again to my faithful blog readers, Jim Lyons Observations, the blog, goes on! Keep reading here for topics here, ranging from consumer and specialty printing stories, to printing from the web, to breakthrough technologies and new-device printing (like from iPhones, Kindles, and yes, Androids), and of course coverage of industry conferences, to name a few of my favorite topics. And my column, "Observations", featured monthly in The Hard Copy Observer, continues as well, and can be found both in the print version of the Observer as well as right here at "".

Please keep reading here, and we'll be looking for you over at the "Printer Industry News" blog too.


Justin Garten said...

Congratulations and good luck with the new role!

Samuel Driessen said...

Congratulations. That's great news!