Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day News Leak -- Google Chrome

Today, Google (NASDAQ GOOG) has confirmed it will be launching its own web browser, dubbed Chrome. It's a high-tech news story that parallels the impact and timing of the HP/Compaq merger, first leaked over Labor Day weekend 2001 and then confirmed shortly thereafter (though HP's leak didn't arrive via a comic book!).

The eight-page comic book doesn't mention printing, but when the browser becomes available as a download I'll give it a spin and report in on Google Chrome Printing. This new-browser announcement is garnering a great deal of media attention, especially with its positioning vis a vis Microsoft's (NASDAQ MSFT) Internet Explorer. Of course regular readers will recognize browser and Web-related printing to be one of my favorite topics (see "A Big Day for Internet Printing", for example) and IE has been quite innovative in meeting users' printing needs. So it will be interesting to see if Chrome matches up in this area!

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movie buff said...

poor Firefox... they're gonna take more and more of a hit as Chrome inevitably gains in popularity