Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Big Day for Internet Printing

Microsoft officially announced Internet Explorer 7.0 today. I won't summarize the new features, market situation or history of Web browsers, as others have already done a great job with that. But I will point out that one of the biggest improvements in IE 7 compared to its predessors is enhanced printing!

As a pretty much full-time Firefox devotee, I don't use IE very often, but I have been using the Beta of Version 7, intermittently anyway. And the printing is much better. And as a matter of fact, Microsoft's spokesperson says, "the most popular feature among beta testers has been improved printing of Web pages". Hey hey -- how about that!

Interesting that enhanced or improved printing really just means that pages come out of your printer they way you'd expect them to!


Jim Lyons said...

Read my Observations on Web Printing at

Jim Lyons said...

Walt Mossberg's review (apparently free) can be viewed at
He doesn't mention the printing improvements though!