Monday, August 25, 2008 "Memjet print head revolution delayed..."

John Sterlicchi, in The, has a piece on Silverbrook and Memjet titled "Memjet print head revolution delayed". In my opinion, Sterlicchi has put together the best of the three recent pieces, following Gear Log's "Memjet On Track for 2009 Products" and Recharger Magazine's "Memjet Now Eyeing 2009 Release". (Full disclosure department: I was consulted and am quoted in The Australian piece.)

I will take on this topic further, in coming blog posts, but I like one direction that the Sterlichhi piece takes, one that I introduced in a May post (see "Now hiring..."). A look at Silverbrook / Memjet job postings shows numerous openings in engineering, process, and quality-related positions, just what would be expected in the wringing-out stage of a component supplier getting ready to provide its customers (printer manufacturers) in high volume. So the pinpoint accuracy of dates as provided in early 2007 relative to those dicussed two-thirds of the way through 2008 may not be the most important key to understanding what's happening with Silverbrook and Memjet, and importantly, their customers.

Memjet's Bill McGlynn is quoted (also) in the Sterlicchi piece, and offers some interesting insight. I'll be back here with more of my own insights in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, see The article!

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Interesting. I have been following these guys too.

Good insight.