Friday, May 09, 2008

Now hiring...

A look at the Silverbrook Research site reveals some very interesting "help wanted" listings. Of course, Silverbrook and Memjet created one of last year's big industry news splashes with their announcement and demonstration of disruptive price/performance points, based around their inkjet-based printing technology. (See my post, from exactly one year ago today, "Memjet business in HP's backyard". This followed their original announcement in March at a technical conference in Prague. See "March 21 -- First Day of Spring".)

But bringing it back to the present, a recent review of Silverbrook's several dozen job openings include those which relate to what we already know about Silverbrook (e.g. Imaging Researcher, Patent Attorney, etc) but also what we can guess are significant to the company's current priorities (Manufacturing Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Test Engineer, etc). Note to industry members who may be looking -- all the openings all seem to be in Australia.

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