Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 21 -- First Day of Spring

The traditional first day of Spring 2007 (in the Northern Hemisphere of course) brings the "really official" official unveiling of Memjet, powered by Silverbrook Technology. (Happy Fall Equinox, Australia!) The Hard Copy Observer (publisher of my monthly column, Observations) covered Memjet in its March issue (on page one, no less), and Lyra Research (parent company of the Observer) has a special report about Memjet and Silverbrook's inkjet technology they touted in a webcast almost two weeks ago. And my friends at the gadget blogs have been on the story since, with some interesting comments, as usual. (See my blogroll for links to these blogs.)

It's been an interesting and seemingly full year in the Printing and Imaging industry already -- can't wait for Spring, Summer and Fall!

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