Monday, June 09, 2008

Printing from the Web -- another approach

As regular readers know, I'm a fan of "printing from the Web" solutions, and have written here early and often about solutions from, among other, HP (NYSE HPQ, see "HP's Smart Web Printing..."), Lexmark (NYSE LXK, see "Lexmark's Web Toolbar"), and Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT, see "IE7 Improves Printing..."), ReadWriteWeb has a post from a couple of weeks back that is worth noting here. In "Want a Printer Friendly Version of RWW? Here It Is!", RWW's Marshall Kirkpatrick reports on a solution for the widely read technology blog that uses the Firefox add-in Stylish. Stylish is a clever and popular Firefox extension that allows an easy method for switching HTML styles for given web pages -- in fact I'm using one right now that coverts the Google Blogger edit screen for wide-format displays (see "Blogger Wide Screen Editor").

A search at the Stylish site on "Print" reveals over 50 styles that have been crafted so far, at least some of which are directly related to better printing of target web sites. (Others are the result of a search "hit" on "print" that doesn't directly relate to actually printing of the subject web page.)

This "printing from the Web" solution is obviously a bit (or much) more for the technical "DIYers" out there, as well as being reader-based (or client-based) and rather than site-based. In fact in the comments to the subject post (don't miss these), RWW's Richard MacManus promises a site-based "print friendly" function, coming soon. Another commenter suggests an alliance with HP (NYSE HPQ) for a "Print this Post" button.

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