Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HP's Smart Web Printing reviewed in WSJ

I'm in the "drinking from a fire hose" mode typical of a Demo Conference. I've been in San Diego since Monday at the DemoFall 2007 conference, but life goes on. Katherine Boehret has a nice review of HP's Smart Web Printing tool, in The Wall Street Journal and online at AllThingsD. I highly recommend her very thorough and overall positive review, and it's great to see the mainstream tech press picking up on HP's (NYSE HPQ) web printing initiatives that I've been writing about for some time now. See "HP pulling it together on Web Printing".


Anonymous said...

I downloaded this program and was impressed with its ease of use. I went back to download it again the next day and it has been taken off of HPs site. What Gives?

Jim Lyons said...

You seem to be correct. The download page is still there but not the link, as I look right now. Let me see what I can find out.

Ravi said...

The link is working