Thursday, May 22, 2008

HP's (NYSE HPQ) latest "Green Printing" announcement

HP (NYSE HPQ) is out today with a wide-ranging "Green" initiative that features new products, software tools, and labeling (see example above), to further their message of more environmentally responsible printing. (See "HP Makes it Easy to Make Smart Environmental Choices with Unrivaled Portfolio of Printing Solutions".)

A good summary along with comments from HP exec Tom Codd can be found at TechNewsWorld's web site. (See "HP's New Eco-Friendly Printer Push".)

There are a couple of notes of special interest from my viewpoint, one being the continued inclusion of the Internet-printing tool, "Smart Web Printing", as part of HP's Green story (see "Smart Web Printing Reviewed in The Wall Street Journal" and other more recent posts). Smart Web Printing has been a favorite development to watch as regular readers of this blog can verify, and HP should be commended for sticking with the solution and even adapting its positioning over time. Another inclusion of interest is the news of the internal build-out of its Halo Collaboration Studio as an alternative to business travel. Most appropriate on a day when crude oil hits $135 a barrel!

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