Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clarifying HP's (NYSE HPQ) Smart Web Printing browser support

My apologies for mis-interpreting the HP Smart Web Printing marketing materials, and I've edited out the following text (in quotes below) from today's earlier post, after hearing from HP in the blog comments. I was confused by the wording at several points in their email and web materials about "only applicable to users of Internet Explorer 6.x". IE7 contains its own built-in printing enhancement features that overlap with some of those in HP's Smart Web Printing (see my October 2006 (!) post "A Big Day for Internet Printing" for coverage of IE7 print enhancements). So HP, to their credit, was apparently just trying to be extra careful in not touting a new feature that IE7 users already have. In being extra careful, though, they confused at least one reader -- me!

And since my point of a broad scope for the solution still applies, I include the deleted paragraph here, since it contains some interesting browser data from my blog as well as a link to a great Business Week article. And as I think about it, over 25% for IE6 is actually pretty good, considering its replacement came out a year and a half ago. Somewhat in line with the Office 2007 and Vista adoption issues, I might suggest?

Third, I hope they make good on their plans to expand its [HP Smart Web Printing] scope. Right now, the product is only "only applicable to users of Internet Explorer 6.x" -- yes, that's the old version of IE. So even if you're only going to look at PC/Windows users as your universe (not such a good idea if you've read the Business Week cover story this week, see "The Mac in the Gray Flannel Suit"), the number of IE6 users is clearly in the minority. At this blog, a sample of recent visitors were using Firefox 2x the most, closely followed by IE7, and then came IE6 (only a little more than 25% of all visits).

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