Monday, March 24, 2008

Organ printing

As regular readers of this blog will recognize, I get a little uncomfortable when the subject matter gets outside the realm of desktop (personal) and workgroup printing. Here I'm talking about production or commercial printing, for example, let alone some of today's far more esoteric printing applications.

I ventured out, printer-application-wise, with my recent post on printing solar cells (see "Solar cell printing") and have occasionally at least mentioned the fields of electronics and 3D Printing (see "Looking back, looking forward").

So I'm going beyond the pale again this morning with the suggestion to look at ZDNet's Emerging Tech blog and its post by Roland Piquepaille entitled "Printing organs on demand". Piquepaille offers a great summary of bioprinting, and numerous links, including one to a web site entitled simply Organ Printing.

Interesting to me is how the printing analogy not only relates directly to the technology and its "jetting" of materials other than ink, but the terminology holds through describing the entire process.

The ZDNet post comes highly recommended!

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