Monday, December 17, 2007

Looking back, looking forward

As the year winds down, it's natural to look back over a very momentous 12 months in the printing and imaging industry. So over the next two weeks, I'll be highlighting some of my thoughts on what developed in 2007, and then offer some views, my own and those of others, on what's coming in 2008 and beyond.

In this light, a great piece is available at by M. David Stone looks at "The 20 Most Interesting Printers of 2007". Regular readers may remember I wrote a post pointing to this piece back in November. Now, a companion piece of the more forward-looking variety is available, entitled "10 Up and Coming Technologies That Will Change Printing". Here, David looks at many of the industry's breakthroughs enabling the mainstream of printers and printing (like Memjet, HP's Edgeline, Xerox's solid ink, etc on the device side and ink and paper systems on the supplies side) and also some break-out areas outside the conventional mold like Electronics and 3D Printing.

Highly recommended!

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