Saturday, March 29, 2008

A few HP (NYSE HPQ) thoughts on printing less

A tip of the hat to my friend and one-time HP colleague Vince Ferraro over at the LaserJet blog for his acknowledgement of, and comments on(see "Tips for Printing Less") the column by Dan Costa, "Three Steps to a Paperless Office", over at PC Magazine. I enjoyed Vince's HP perspective on what I would call "sensible printing", i.e. let's not get crazy and avoid it altogether, but let's think a little bit about when print (vs viewing) makes sense.

And I appreciate Dan's view on the history of "overkill" printing, as he tracks back to copiers and network printers, and I also like his three steps, parts of each my regulars will have read about here. Step 1 includes the "meme" about not printing email, that I blogged about just a couple of weeks ago (see "Please Consider The Environment"), and Step 2 mentions GreenPrint, an oft-mentioned product/company in this space including their recent version. (See "GreenPrint World now on".) By the way, since that early February post, the number of downloads has tripled, from a little over 12,000 to 37,999. That will be an interesting stat to continue to follow. Costa's Step 3 advises on the use of PDF and Microsoft Office attachments, again practice I've followed and observed. In fact, my recent favorite has been noting how in my experience around higher education these days, a "paper" has become somewhat of a euphemism.

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Anonymous said...

Most of wasteful printing happens in offices. Here is a simple solution:
1. give everyone a personal printer next to the PC
2. make everyone buy their own paper