Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please Consider the Environment

Many of you have no doubt seen the message and/or graphic, or something similar, typically integrated into the signature of an emailer. I frankly only heard about it at this year's Lyra Symposium, but after seeing it now more than a few times, decided it deserved a couple of minutes of research. (Maybe it's the Spring Fever? Or March Madness?)

Well, a Google web search of the exact quote, "Please Consider the Environment before Printing this Email"*, yields a hit count of 974, mostly short articles and blog posts, with some of the oldest a little more than a year old. A far as trend-spotting goes, better late than never, I guess. I should just feel happy I got in on it before the search index hit four figures!

*Interesting that a Google search substituting "E-mail" for "Email" yields 867 hits. I know the basic search ignores upper/lower case distinctions, and eliminates small common words (in this case "the" and "this"), but looks like hyphens are treated differently. Stay tuned!

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