Thursday, November 29, 2007

HP's Green Office

Tech news yesterday included the announcement by HP (NYSE HPQ) of a huge "green" project (see "Hewlett Packard to install large solar power array"), to be installed at the company's San Diego site, which has always been and remains one of the major Imaging and Printing sites around the company. The "green" emphasis also was also very prominent at HP's recent ImagePrint 2007 conference I attended in Phoenix (see "Live Blogging HP's ImagePrint 2007", where central to the large product/solution showcase at the event was the "Green Office" exhibit. HP, led by their "green printing guru" Dave Lobato. HP's emphasis on printer-specific green features like reduced power consumption and recycling of supplies was complemented by the display itself, which used standard office fixtures like chairs, counters, cabinets, even the flooring and more, all made from recycled materials. It was a cleverly executed and popular stop at the showcase (see photo).

And in another green-related communications initiative (and also playing at the ImagePrint event), there's a video on YouTube, inspired by TV's "The Office", that if nothing else highlights the many ways to be green. While Xerox (NYSE XRX) has been lobbing shots at HP on its relative advantage in the lack of landfill-destined waste associated with its solid ink supplies versus HP's alternatives, the video follows other HP missives in firing back on the power-consumption issues that go with along with the solid ink technology.

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