Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Live Blogging HP's ImagePrint 2007

I've been invited to spend some time at HP's (NYSE HPQ) annual convening of key corporate and enterprise printing customers and partners, which is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center this week. It's a two-day event that includes an executive summit focused towards Chief Information Officers (CIOs), as well as a solution center including HP's latest and greatest. While the event features a few new printing solution announcements, its primary focus is the sharing with the 1,000 or so attendees at the "sold out" event the latest in HP's thinking and direction.

In sessions I've attended so far, with titles like "HP Printers in the Enterprise" and "HP Total Cost per Page", executives including HP's Tom Codd and Steve Watt explain how the company positions its printers in the enterprise, vis a vis the competition, on factors like cost (obviously) as well as ease-of-management and "Green" attributes.

I'll have more updates from the conference, but suffice it to say for now that the depth and breadth of HP in the printer business is something to behold. Throw in a thousand users and administrators who really care about printers and printing, and who wouldn't be happy???

(Full disclosure -- In a previous career, I worked in HP's printer business, leaving the company's employ in 2005.)

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