Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cookbooks from Allrecipes.com and SharedBook

SharedBook has announced a new alliance with popular cooking site Allrecipes.com, for printing hardbound (and softcover) cookbooks using their Reverse Publishing platform. I've covered SharedBook since their appearance at Demo 2006, and have had good success with my creating my own book, publishing a hard cover book with content from this blog.

Their latest deal hooks together their book creation facility with one the leading US-based cooking recipe sites, and it seems like a great fit, with users having the ability to combine their own personal recipes and images with the 40,000 already available at the site. The Allrecipes.com site, with its one million-plus membership and five million-plus monthly viewership, was acquired by Reader's Digest in 2006.

The books are touted as great gifts and keepsakes, as well as "working cookbooks" for regular use in the kitchen, at least in those homes where the "kitchen computer" has yet to find a place. Along with driving directions, single-page cooking recipes are certainly one of the home printer's newest regular chores, at least at my house, so it makes sense that a more permanent book form of this application would find a place in many kitchen libraries. I'm planning to give "Create-A-Cookbook" a try, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Seems that creating a cookbook is big business for the printing industry. Last month I came across www.tastebook.com, exactly the same concept. I like it whe people start to be aware of the endless possibilities that new technology gives us to produce print.

Anonymous said...

Just a followup -- here at BigOven.com, we will soon be offering this "Create a Cookbook" service for both the 85,000+ members of our cooking website and also the 20,000+ purchasers of the desktop recipe software. We too have partnered with Sharedbook for this hardcover/softcover printing service.