Thursday, January 11, 2007

HP's Kitchen Computer

This week at CES, HP (NYSE HPQ) announced the HP TouchSmart PC IQ770. In addition to numerous innovations, it includes the ability to more or less integrate an HP photo printer. As the initial CNET review notes, "...another reason why we like the TouchSmart PC, it can work like a photo kiosk." A nice photo that shows the "kiosk" configuration is not yet available (the one above is the best I could come up with), but HP's demo video makes for interesting viewing. Note that one of the first "headlines" in the video includes the phrase "your information at your fingertips". Now there's a phrase I've heard somewhere before. Let's hope HP and Microsoft aren't heading for a big trademark dustup ala the current Cisco/Apple spat over Iphone. (Actually with HP's new computer showcasing Vista's capabilities, MS is probably in a generous mood.)

And speaking of old ideas becoming new again, does anyone remember the HP150, circa 1983? It was HP's answer to the IBM PC, and included a touchscreen and integrated printer!

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Jim Lyons said...

Here's a little info and a photo on HP's 1983 Touchscreen computer, the HP-150.