Thursday, September 06, 2007

Follow Up on HP's Print 2.0

With the Labor Day weekend and all, it seems like more than just a week and a few days since HP (NYSE HPQ) added to their "Print 2.0" story, but a quick look at Google News (56 hits up from 36) shows a few interesting follow-up articles worth noting here.'s John Hazard has a piece entitled "HP's 2.0-Pronged Attack on Print" and Stacey Cowley of CMP Network provides a channel perspective in "Partners Like HP Print 2.0 Vision, But Clamor For Specifics". Two HP blogs also provide insights, Patrick Scaglia's IPG Print 2.0 blog, and the Onda, an unofficial HP blog by Antonio Rodgriquez, both follow up on a more personal level. Patrick hasn't taken my advice yet about dropping the IPG from his blog's name, but he does a nice job of graphically presenting some of the Web and blog printing enhancements I've blogged about with some frequency. (e.g. "HP Pulling it Together on Web Printing.")


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