Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HP's 'Print 2.0' $300 million campaign

In a media blitz that the company has come to specialize in, HP (NYSE HPQ) is back at the "Print 2.0" story that they started on in late May. They've added more new printer models to their story this time, which always helps with the printer and imaging press and analyst community. They are also offering a far-flung list of other print and imaging technologies and partnerships lumped under multiple headings. It continues to be a complicated story at the detail level, but the high point, at least judging by the headline of the press release, is the marketing campaign (HP Fuels Growth with Print 2.0, Launches $300 Million Global Marketing Campaign).

A search of Google News, btw, finds a number of stories, though the 36 I locate with a literal search on "Print 2.0" is not bad but not a high number either. This probably speaks to the difficulty of conveying the story to the media, and thus the need to pull out the marketing checkbook and fill in a "3" followed by eight zeroes! HP's efforts, both in product and promotion, are truly of the leadership variety, and have at their roots an improved customer experience. I'll be examining the web printing aspect of this announcement in a later post and also as my September Observations print column.

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