Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zink -- A Next Disruptor

Business 2.0 includes a cover story in their September 2007 issue (and on the web) about "The Next Disruptors". I've blogged about Zink a number of times starting at the Demo 2007 conference where they were a big hit, but it's also interesting that at last week's supplies confab, nary a word of Zink was mentioned, while the disruptive potential of both Eastman Kodak Company and Silverbrook Memjet were discussed at length. Extra credit? Read about the other 14 disruptors from outside P&I.


Free Color Printers said...

Jim ,

I think Zink missed the mark by targeting useless business card size photo's. This might appeal to the teen market but has little practical application.

Memjet on the other had addresses the bigger need for spped and media size and can handle considerably more than just photo's.

I am sure Zink will do fine but they will have to bring products to market that have greater mass appeal.

Dennis Walthers

James said...

I tend to agree with Dennis that the speed and size issues will limit their appeal. Moreover the need for special media is also a detraction.

Attendees at forums like Demo 2007 tend to like these types of buss products

Jim Lyons said...

Interesting timing -- "Business 2.0 Finally Dead" -- in Techdirt today.