Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Packed House at Lyra's "Supplies-Side Economics" Conference

I'm live blogging from the Lyra Research printer supplies industry conference in Vegas, and we've just reached the morning break. Despite some industry-wide issues facing the recharger business, as highlighted by opening speakers William Chan, Director, NineStar Image Co., Ltd., and Rob Leonard, President, Leonard Consulting, the conference is packed, and in fact was delayed briefly in its opening this morning by chairs being brought in to accommodate the additional industry members who wanted to attend.

Charlie Brewer of Lyra concluded the early morning session and hit on two points worth expanding on later -- growth in the color laser supplies business driven by do-it-yourself marketing and other in-house applications, and the propensity for low-end color laser owners (in this fast-growing segment of the business) to perhaps upgrade to whole new printers, supplies included, rather than replacing supplies that are relatively costly compared to the overall price). Both of these topics have been covered in past Observations (the former more than the latter) and deserve further coverage soon. Stay tuned!

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