Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Print still captures imaginations"

Chris Shipley provides a Blurb update at the DEMOLetter site, headlined with the provocative phrase up top. She reports on the hard-cover-book-publishing company's growth, recent new capital infusion, expansion to Europe, and alliance with Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing service. Quite some progress for Blurb, and congratualations!

I've had a soft spot for the hard copy emphasis featured by Blurb since seeing them at the Shipley-hosted DEMO 2006, with a report on the company and inclusion in my blogroll to the right. But I must admit, I haven't done my initial Blurb book, now almost a year and a half later. Frankly, my first experiences were negative, with the software not working quite right (beta software I must add) and then a preference for blog slurpers that initially didn't include my platform of choice, Google's Blogger. When that finally all came together, my attempt to publish a book of my blog was shelved (sorry!) as the layout provided by the now-working software was not laying out my book in an efficient manner (essentially one and only one post per page, long or short, left too much white space). So resolution for Summer 2007 -- I will try again! Stay tuned...

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