Monday, February 26, 2007

Blurb now slurps from Blogger excuses have dwindled to exactly none. I've been anxious to try creating a book using Blurb since I originally saw and reported on them from Demo 2006. Blurb captured the fancy of the Demo crowds with their "old school" approach to modern media and the premise that time-tested things like hard-cover books still have a place in today's world, even when combined with material like that contained in blogs, which otherwise may disappear into the ether. I was anxious to give the approach a try, and figured that the best source of personal content I'd like to preserve in book form is indeed my "Blogger" blog.

Last week, Blurb announced the inclusion of Blogger blogs on their "slurpable" list. So, the pressure's on...time for me to get going with Blurb's BookSmart and Blogger. Stay tuned for hands-on results!

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