Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fedex Kinko's Print Online Commercial

I blogged about the Staples "Shake It" printer supplies commercial back just after the holidays. It was a printer-related TV commercial that had been getting so much play that I thought it was worth noting and linking to. And, despite the growth in my blog traffic since then, I still get a significant number of hits on my blog via search terms like "Shake the Printer ad".

So the current favorite in the category? The Fedex Kinko's "No More All Nighters" commercial, which features one office worker chugging a pot of coffee while simultaneously learning that a co-worker has subverted the staff's need for an all-nighter by using FedEx Kinko's. You can see the commercial at the official site or at YouTube. The quality is better on the former while you have a chance for comments on the latter. (Only one comment so far though.)

And another interesting advertising angle? My Google search for "nomoreallnighters.com" (an unneeded redundancy in effect as this is the domain provided in the commercial's call to action) yields a top-of-the-page sponsored hit for Mimeo.com! (The first natural hit is, naturally, the FedEx Kinko's site.)

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