Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Staples' "Shake It" Commercial

Similar to last week's report from the comics page of my local newspaper, this week's observation on the pervasiveness of printer supplies issues in our popular culture comes from watching NFL Football and CNBC. Staples (Staples Inc) is running one of their Easy Button commercials, certainly in part inspired by the popular TV show "The Office". It depicts the junior member of the office staff literally shaking the entire (fairly bulky) office printer that he's noticed is running out of ink/toner, when casually commanded by his mates to "shake it".

For my money it's a pretty good commercial, so watch for it. It's not made an appearance yet on the company's advertising web page, which contains some other pretty good ads.

And here's a fair warning -- use caution when searching YouTube for either "staples" or "shake it"!

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